Femme Vivre has been performing with Circus della Morte under the alias Nurse  Narcissa since 2007, and is available for sideshow bookings both solo and with the circus.  Her stunts include escaping a straightjacket, fitting herself through a tennis racket, swallowing a 4 ft balloon, and lying on a bed of nails.

Circus della Morte is North Texas’ longest running sideshow troupe, running nine years straight with at least one original member. The sideshow mixes both traditional and new stunts , with a good dose of humor added. Members have been featured on America’s Got Talent, in the horror movie Bubba’s Chili Parlor, and more. They are dedicated to bringing the lost art of body manipulation, circus skills, and sideshow stunts to their audience. They are the only troupe who attempts the dangerous act of shattering a light bulb on the forehead of a performer with a hammer, sending shards of thin razor sharp glass into the skin and muscle of the human skull, and are the inventors of said stunt. Their pleasure lies in you, the audience, fainting or cheering night after night.

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